Soft Shoulder - "Stair" 7" (Weird Machine, 2015)

by Soft Shoulder

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Stair (Yobs) recorded by Gerald Biggs at YOBS in 2011, Junk Interlude recorded by James Fella at Gilgongo HQ in 2014, Stair (Gilgongo HQ) was also recorded at Gilgongo HQ, but in 2010). Steve Jansen: drums on Junk Interlude. Wyld Parrots was recorded by James Fella at Sound Kontrol (Phoenix, AZ) in summer 2010. Originally written by Wounded Lion. Happy Birthday, Iggy was recorded by James Fella at Gilgongo HQ in December 2012. Patricia Boyko: additional vocals. This song was record for Iggy Spetrino-Murtagh, who was turning 5 years old at the time.

None of these tracks have previously been released.


released October 1, 2014



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Track Name: Stair (YOBS) / Junk Interlude (Repeat #2.5) / Stair (Gilgongo HQ)
Always soft for something, crawling under thick skin, single stair. Foaming from the mouth, not sifting the garbage (if you would dare).